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Little donkey :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 6 4 -bird screech- SQUAAAAW!! :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 4 7
My special people
Tobias. ((My Sunshine)) Fauxydog
Dude, I love you so much, you don't even understand. You changed my entire life, and I love it. You, are yourself, which is basically fucking the best thing ever. You're amazing, funny, exciting, fun, loving, self-less, adventurous, protective, adorable, intelligent, patient, honest, and so much more I cannot put into words. You keep me alive, and happy, and I'm just so glad I met you. If I hadn't, I'd be alone. Literally. All my friends at school left, and I'd be so alone during lunch, and my entire life basically. Sure, you're a bad influence on me sometimes, but I don't care because it made my life so much more fun and exciting, and I loved it. I'd be playing by the rules all the time, but you taught me to take risks. How to defend myself. You even made me see who I really was, and taught me so many new things ((even if they were perverted)), and you are my brightest, and only Sunshine. You defend me, and love me, and are always there for me when I
:iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 2 25
Wheeeh :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 1 0 Whut :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 4 3 Whaa..?!? // :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 5 3 Not a convincing disguise :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 2 2 TeArS :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 1 0 Some Char :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 1 2 Daisuke...? :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 3 5
Pirate! Alois x Crew Member! Reader Commision
((Huge apology in desc.))
    You scrubbed the floor roughly, holding a hankerchief over your nose and mouth with one hand. Your (length) (color) hair was pulled back from your concentrated (color) eyes as you did so. The wooden floor was actually being really well cleaned, that you could say you can see your own reflection. It was a shame they'd be dirtied once again soon enough though. You really put a lot of effort into what you did for your captain and home. Or sort of "home". Your "home" was a ship. And you lived to serve Alois Trancy, a young pirate whom you had actually taken quite a liking to, while others... really haven't. You were a crew member like the triplets, and Hannah, taken in by your young captain after he had found you running from some other pirates with some stolen loot. You were a sort of Cabin boy, but... a female. Of course, that was the only reason you were still alive. Claude, Alois' First Mate of a sort, didn't really pay
:iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 4 3
I should probably cut my nails :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 2 17 Wut da fuk iz dis :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 4 9 Skype Memey thing :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 1 15 I DREW A GOD DAMN DUCK :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 4 9 WTFFFFFF :iconshadeclaw123:Shadeclaw123 1 3


Party wonder :iconkillingkate1:KillingKate1 90 12 I'll Pick my Favorites in the next Episode of YIAY :iconcloudedmiinds:cloudedmiinds 5 1 I'll Sing You Pretty Sounds :iconcloudedmiinds:cloudedmiinds 7 9 joey?? :iconspotsstars:SpotsStars 3 4 Just Lily Things :iconozumii:Ozumii 606 55 ??????????? :iconspotsstars:SpotsStars 2 3 New style????? :iconspotsstars:SpotsStars 3 7 *sHruG* :iconspotsstars:SpotsStars 2 1 A WILD BLUEBERRY SPARK HAS APPEARED :iconsparklekitty2124:SparkleKitty2124 12 59 ( FNaF 3 ) The Fazbear Fright :iconturtlecavez:TurtleCavez 344 36 Mike And Jeremy:Pink :iconmikeschmidt172:MikeSchmidt172 22 3 Mike and Jeremy:Rainbow Road :iconmikeschmidt172:MikeSchmidt172 24 4 Ask 2 :iconsanguinarevampiris:sanguinareVampiris 4 0 Torture Them (ASK OR DARE) :iconsanguinarevampiris:sanguinareVampiris 6 7 I Will Always Love You :iconsanguinarevampiris:sanguinareVampiris 8 4 the BESTEST OC EVAR!!! :iconcloudedmiinds:cloudedmiinds 4 2


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Shadeclaw123's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Fay|Genderfluid|Pansexual|Moody|Shipping Kiueen

Yo, I will call you nice peeps my Flower Crown Babies or occasionally Loves. I am known to be creepy, crazy, or a weirdo. I am also LGBT+Friendly, and show Gay Pride a lot...
I guess a bit about me. I'm genderfluid, I'm somethin' like short term, and have attacks. These attacks are mostly panic or anxiety attacks, which those two never get too serious. I apologize if I come off annoying or ignorant.
I'm a very protective person so if you need anything, tell me, and I'll help. I'm taken for granted sometimes, but I still help people... Yeah, I can't help myself a lot, but I do it for you guys... You guys first.
I love to go out and skateboard. Currently, I'm teaching myself how to play a violin, and speak French, Italian, Japanese, German, and sign language. I also like quotes since they have a lot of meaning. Same thing with music. I relate to tons of songs, actually, and seeing how most are depressing you can tell I don't have a normal life... One I seriously relate to would have to be "A better son or daughter".
I hope you have fun on my page from my art to role-playing (since I'm a big geek at that).


-screams- HALLOWEEN IS JUST TWO MONTHS AND A COUPLE DAYS AWAY, YAAAAAY!!!!! Dancing Pumkin head 4 Dancing Pumkin head 2 Dancing Pumkin head 3 Dancing Pumkin head 5 Dancing Pumkin head Bang that PUMPKIN!! -Jacksepticeye Free2use Halloween avatar BOGEDYBOO!! 
what am I going to be?!? ;___;
-sighs- I have so many things going on, I'm stressed out and want to die to get away from it all... Pathetic aren't I? I can't keep running away from life, so, here we go... -smiles brightly- Let's make worth of the next few years of my life :")
I... found the creepy side of YouTube... and I can't stop... ;_;
I'm hungry, but don't want to eat and if I try, I feel sick, but I feel sick if I don't eat.. Uugghhhhh.... I'm going to gain an eating disorder...
My lip is bleeding.. yay. Seriously, yay. Is it bad to like the taste of blood...? ;__;
Little donkey
Yes, I call my dog donkey XD

His name his Harper, and he's a pitbull mix ;w;

He looks sad but he's really happy and playfull. It was the only pic I could get of him 
-bird screech- SQUAAAAW!!
I drew a wolfeh with wings... ;3;


((Fauxydog Dis for chu bro, I'll give it to you when school starts))
Me: sees rainbow shirt, "WOMAN."

Mom: "No."

Me: scoffs, "BUT,"

Mom: "NOOOO."

She takes away my pride... 

Gay Lizard Scream Too Gay Pride Emoticon Rainbow emote Rainbow Pro-LGBT Icon Pixel Art LGBT rainbow flag icon Pride gay Rainbow DeviantArt logo icon a friend.. 

((I look up gay in the emoticon search and a bunch of Hetalia pops up Clap ))


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